Watch Kid Ginseng's Set at the Remora Release Party at Halcyon Record Shop in Brooklyn

Kid Ginseng, founder of infamous NYC label Kraftjerkz, recently spun up the wheels of steel at the Halcyon record shop in Brooklyn, celebrating the release of Remora's "Death of Caligula" 12" vinyl EP, alongside comrades Maroje T. and Amourette.

Expect a serious dose of Electro as Kid Ginseng travels the more soothing retro soundscapes, inevitably diving into the abyss where tenacious, brooding, and at times downright sinister vibes await you. Tracklist includes new tunes by Xeno & Oaklander, as well as music by Alonzo, Model Man, and John Foxx. Check it!

Also, check out the new Kraftjerkz release "Death of Caligula" by Remora: