Watch Legowelt's Performance from the Intergalactic Festival 2020 Stream

If you read our interview with legendary producer I-F last month, then you are probably aware that this year's Intergalactic Festival; which is one of the most rocking Electro and Techno parties on the planet, had to be streamed this time around due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Speaking with Electric Kingdom's Jacek Janiszewski, Ferenc van der Sluijs aka I-F expressed to him back then that: "We're still kind of bummed out that we can't do this year's festival for real, because it was going to get really good. We had amazing artists, and also our organization got a bit more improved, compared to last year".

Less ideal as it may have been (and still quite the endeavour to pull off), the show was a great success and like always, featured the creme de la creme of authentic, underground Electronic music. One of the performers this year, was none other than iconic Legowelt, of Bunker Records and Crème Organization fame. Armed to the teeth with his trusted analog hardware, Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt set off on a tenacious journey of cold, adventurous and sinister Electro and Techno jams that are really at the end of the day, just business as usual for this long-running veteran of the Electro scene.

Please take a moment to watch this exclusive live set from the latest Intergalactic Festival.