Watch: Man Builds 1000 Oscillator Drone Synthesizer While on Lockdown From COVID-19

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Die-hard synth do-it-yourselfer and UK native Sam Battle; from Youtube channel "Look Mum No Computer", has been, like everyone else these days, in absolute boredom from the COVID-19 lockdowns. So he thought: "why not build a 1000 oscillator synthesizer to kill some time?" Well, that's exactly what he did!

After countless hours soldering and mounting this behemoth dubbed the "Kilodrone" to one of his walls in his home, Sam battle has finally finished and is ready to reveal what this thing looks and sounds like, and it really is quite amazing to see and hear.

Now those familiar with analog synths and tuning, should note that it takes, as Battle himself will tell you, at least an hour or two to get all the oscillators tuned and ready for play, so consider that if you decide a 1000 oscillator synth is right for you. Ask your doctor first!

If you'd like to learn more about this fantastic project, take a few minutes to watch the video above, and let Sam Battle of Look Mum No Computer explain away what this thing can do. He does it best!