Watch: Man Builds Working Vinyl DJ Turntables from Lego Bricks

Sam Battle with his latest feat © Lego

If you keep up with this magazine regularly, and I assume you do, then perhaps you may remember a previous article we did featuring Look Mum No Computer's Sam Battle, where he built a 1,000 oscillator synthesizer basically from scratch during the early onset of the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK, and got it all up and working within a fairly reasonable amount of time...though it did look like an insane amount of work!

Recently, to help promote its newest endeavor called "Vidiyo" - a music video maker for kids - Lego partnered up with Sam Battle, challenging him to this time come up with a working vinyl DJ set up using various Lego kits such as Technic, Mindstorms, and System, which may have had the builder a bit anxious in the beginning of it all, commenting in the video: "I really hope I can get a final working player, or I am gonna look like quite a fool!". Especially since the turntable had to be able to withstand scratches, and backspins. However, the project was quite a success, and as you'll be able to see in the video below, the set up looked really good and worked even better!

Watch Sam Battle of Look Mum No Computer, build a working set of vinyl turntables in the video below: