Watch: Morphoex Shares Video for Song "Structures"

French multi-faceted artist Morphoex, responsible for albums such as "Soviet System" on Polytechnic Youth label, or perhaps his various releases on imprint ÜNE (r)ecords during the earlier part of the new millenium, returned once again with the album "An Imaginary Being" back in January of 2019.

Featuring 10 new songs of sonic adventurism that displayed influences ranging from EBM music to contemporary Electro, Morphoex delivered energetic rhythms, thoughtful synth compositions, and masterful programming and production that continues to elevate his music to a level all of his own. Truly a visionary in his own right!

Recently, the man behind Morphoex, Isthmaël Baudry, finished production on a video for the song "Structures", inspired by the complexities of engineering and its geometrical wonder as found in nature itself. As Baudry explains: "Architecture is an elastic movement. Architecture forms subliminal structures...".

You can listen to the full album below: