Watch: The Egyptian Lover Boiler Room Set, Hanoi

The Egyptian Lover in full effect! © The Egyptian Lover official

Legendary Hip Hop and Electro Funk pioneer The Egyptian Lover is truly someone to admire, and for many reasons. Having been a key pillar in the foundation of Hip Hop and what would evolve into the West Coast Electro Funk sound, his music and countless classic releases have continued to influence generation after generation still to this day.

Traveling the world far and wide, one of the most inspiring things to see however, if just how much people in far away lands absolutely adore the sounds of the one and only Egyptian Lover.

Last year while on tour, The Egyptian Lover performed a set for the infamous Boiler Room webcasts in Hanoi, Vietnam, featuring cuts, 808's, and old school classics like one of our very favorites: Electric Kingdom by Twilight 22.

Watch the performance below: