Watch: The Egyptian Lover Shares Official Video for "The World Keeps Turning", Featuring Newcleus

If you caught wind of Egyptian Lover's latest album "1985", then you have probably heard the absolute fire that is all over this new concoction of straight up Electro Funk from one of the founding fathers of Hip Hop and the Electro sound. Whether it's the fusion of two worlds between Egypt and Detroit pioneer Juan Atkins aka Cybotron on the song "Future Tech", the skratch-a-delic madness of DJ Qbert's appearance on "Beyond The Galaxy", or what may be not just the most conscious tunes on this record, but the one timeless hit that everyone needs to hear: "The World Keeps Turning", featuring none other than legendary group Newcleus. And there are more even still!

On 'The World Keeps Turning", Newcleus and The Egyptian Lover get as real as it gets in this thoughtful, masterfully composed and produced song about climate change and inequality, also conveying a message about the one concept that all of us have a hard time grasping from time to time: that life is way too short, and our opportunities to excel and make a difference are not to be wasted! We may be just one drop in the ocean, but each drop can send many ripples way beyond itself.

The Egyptian Lover just took to social media to share the new official video for the song, and it is truly a must watch! This is Electro Funk ladies and gentlemen, strap in and hang tight.

"1985" by The Egyptian Lover is out now if you haven't grabbed a copy. You can buy directly from the artist via Bandcamp, or wherever you buy digital and physical music.