Watch: Xeno & Oaklander Share Video for New Song "Afar"

Xeno & Oaklander; formed in 2004 by musicians Sean McBride (Martial Canterel) and Liz Wendelbo, have been a duo at the forefront of the Cold Wave revival scene since, over the years releasing on labels such as Ghostly International, Wierd, and Dais Records, bringing us to their latest LP titled "Vi/deo", which just released a few days ago.

With this new album, Xeno & Oaklander present 8 new songs of pure, refined analog mastery, filled with warm, playful retrofuturism like with the songs "Television" and "Movie Star", passing through the colder, more mischievous and eccentric such as the intro track "Infinite Sadness", to full-on Freestyle hits saturated with 80's nostalgia and silky vocals as found in the song "Poison".

Xeno & Oaklander - Vi/deo (2021) © Dais Records

A few days ago, Xeno & Oaklander also took to social media to share their latest video for one of the songs on the album, "Afar", which is perhaps the more spooky out of the bunch, but also in its own right perhaps the most refined, as it flows with the rich decadence of a fine red wine, sending chills down your back with Wendelbo's puzzling french vocals, punctuated by melodic sequences so dense and full of character, that you can almost touch them with your hands. The video is also the directorial debut of abstract artist Egan Frantz.

"Vi/deo" by Xeno & Oaklander released October 22nd, 2021, in 3 different vinyl versions (black, green, and blue), as well as CD and digital. Make sure to grab a copy off their Bandcamp! This is a one of a kind release for your collection.