Weakmassive Releases "Past Patterns" EP: Listen

The subject in his natural habitat © Weakmassive

Weakmassive is an artist who first made a name for himself via Atlanta-based Body Control Records back in 2014, with his remarkable remix for Jerry La Flim's song "Last Chance"; which was released on the artist's timeless wonder "End of Time Master".

Over the years building a solid foundation as an emerging artist with Body Control, and going on to release his work on other well known labels such as Kraftjerkz and Touched Music, Weakmassive brings us now to his latest release called "Past Patterns", this one out on DS Recordings; which is part of the legendary Desert Storm Soundsystem crew out of Scotland, responsible for the first illegal warehouse Rave in the country, and many other demonstrations that led them straight into the heart of the Balkan conflict back in the mid 90's.

Weakmassive's "Past Patterns"; for fans of this absolutely ingenious and mysterious Electro artist, is another journey into eerie, desolate, yet deeply crafted worlds where in a single flyby, you are met by intimidating alien lifeforms that seem to almost sneak up on you from out of every corner, while subtle yet somehow rich and perplexing layers of some of the most gorgeous synth lines you've ever heard, cut straight through you.

Weakmassive truly has an amazing ability to strike a perfect balance between the often colder aesthetics of minimalism and styles such as Detroit Techno, with the richer and more profound melodic soundscapes of artists like Kraftwerk, or perhaps even Boards of Canada.

Weakmassive's "Past Patterns" EP released September 20th, 2021, via DS Recordings, and can be found wherever you buy music. Could not recommend this album enough...go out and get it! You'll love every minute of it.

You can listen to a preview of the tracks below: