Wild Planet

Debuting in 1992 on infamous Warp Records, Wild Planet aka Simon Hartley started off what was truly an illustrious music career, releasing some of the finest Detroit Techno Bass to hit the bins.

Offering 6 tracks, including 3 edits of the title track "Electron", as well as 3 remixes by Speedy J, Coco and Lovebomb, and Rhythm Invention, the record also featured a collaboration by infamous Mark Bell Of LFO on the engineering of the record. The "Eurosync" mix of Electron was also released that year on Warp's "Technodrome Vol. 2" compilation, along with Laurent Garnier, Speedy J, and many others.

In 1993, Wild Planet returned on Warp with the magnificent "Blueprint", which featured 7 songs full of wildly engineered percussive elements, 303 lines, and hypnotic melodies that reflected the great sound of Electronic music in the early '90s, but was quite unique in the Techno Bass circles of the time as well. His previous hit 'Electron" was again released on Warp this year on "The Evolution Of The Groove"; a compilation featuring works by LFO, Nightmares On Wax, Kid Unknown, Coco Steel and Lovebomb, Rhythm Invention, and DSR.

Though Wild Planet made a brief comeback in 1995 with his remix of "Sundance" by Lucky People Center, his name remained relatively quiet and unheard from for some time, until 1998, when he signed on to 430 West Records, and released the single "Synthetic/Moving On". Not long after in 1999, Hartley returned once again on 430, this time with what is perhaps his most iconic release to date, "Transmitter"; a 2x12" and CD release, which included 14 original songs by the artist. Wild Planet also published the "Genetic Remixes" E.P. on the label that year, as well as another remix for Lucky People Center; this time working on the song "International".

Though in 2001 there was the release of the single, "Move-ment", there has not been any new material published by Wild Planet since then; though much of his earlier work has been featured on many mixes and compilations over the years on labels like 430 West, Submerge, Concept Music, BPitch Control, along many others.

Though it would be great to see new music released by Wild Planet in the near future, unfortunately there is no website or any other means of information available that would help clarify whether the project is over with or not. Until then, anyone that has not heard of his music should become well acquainted with it, for it has been undoubtedly one of the most unique, and inspiring Techno Bass projects to hit the shelves...the cult following devoted to his music can attest to that! Now go hunt for those records, you won't regret it!

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