Will Web

In our synthesized version of reality, Will Web is really quite an interesting figure. One who could perhaps best describe through his music, the deeper connection between Detroit and Miami, and why both cities helped Electro Funk survive and evolve into the 90's and beyond.

Getting his starts on Detroit Techno Bass imprint "Direct Beat", his catalog of releases was small, but highly influential around the world. As a remixer, he was, and still is, an iconic figure who was known for taking things in such a direction, that it gave his name a legendary status amongst die-hard fans of this music. When you saw Will Web on the tracklisting, you didn't think, you acted on buying the record immediately, and were never disappointed by his uncanny skill!

Debuting with "Indovaccume", on the Digital Sects 2 compilation in 1995 on "Matrix Records" as Mr. Bill, Will Web would soon sign to Direct Beat, releasing the "Full Moon Eclipse Mix" of his debut track on the label's "Xperience De Bass" compilation, along with Aux 88, Posatronix, and DJ K-1. That Same year, Will Web's classic first solo 12", "Cosmic Driveby", was released and featured the songs "Spacewalk", and "Mirrorshades".

In 1996, Web returned on Direct Beat with "Extraterrestrial Funk", and later followed up with two compilation releases, which included the "Detroit: Beyond The Third Wave" compilation on Astralwerks, as well as the "Live At The Social Vol. 1" compilation, by The Chemical Brothers; which included the track "Mirrorshades", along with tracks by many other artists like Meat Beat Manifesto, DJ T-1000, Davy DMX, and many more.

A year later, Will Web's most fruitful year to date would come into being, as a flurry of releases on labels like Astralwerks, and Interdimensional Transmissions would be published. The artist also returned to Direct Beat to participate in the remixes EP of "Break It Down" by Aux 88, also going on to rework titles by Grumptronix, and Pretty Poison's "Let Freedom Ring".

In 1998, Direct Beat licensed Will Web's classic track "Boomin'", off of the "Extraterrestrial Phunk" EP, to the infamous Studio iK7 label; with the track being released on Dave Clarke's "Electro Boogie Vol. 2" compilation, as well as "The Best Of Electro Boogie" which was later released in 2001. There was also the last original works by the artist until 2012, on the "Eleven Phases - Detroit Compilation", with the track "Cosmic Kung-Fu Funk".

Over the course of the 2000's, Will Web has stayed quite busy, working on many remixes for some of the hottest artists; most notably perhaps being his remix of one of Dynamix II's greatest hits, "We Are Your Future", as well as Mental Blox's "Bass Synthesizer". Web also remixed DJ Liquid's "The Blue Spotted Frog"; which was originally released on Journees Music in 1998, but was later released again in 1999, on DJ Liquid's "The Remix Project" album, as well as DJ Demonixx's "Electroacidfunksix" mixed compilation in 2006.

In 2003, Will Web also remixed Scratch D vs. H Bomb's "Freakin It", and later in 2005 launched his own imprint Zero One Music, that has since released several EP's by artists like Analogue To Future, Scratch D, Ghosts In The Machine, MicroControlUnit, and Nexus 23 as well as a collaboration between himself and DJ Di'jital, with "The Zombie Summer E.P.". Web's classic "Mirrorshades", from Cosmic Driveby, was also later re-released in 2009, on the Archive 1 Series that Direct Beat licensed Clone Records to publish on 12" vinyl.

Over the years, Will Web has also remixed and collaborated with some of today's most notorious Electro Bass artists, like his remix of "313 Funk", by N-ter, on Spacefunk Records, not to mention Morphogenetic's "Techno Bass Is Back: The Remixes", which was released on Zero One Music, and featured legends Dynamix II with a special collaboration with Maggotron and DJ Q-bert, as well as remixes by DJ Di'jital, Sbles3plex, DJ XED, and Will Web himself.

Stay tuned, as Will Web continues to work in studio, evolving his sound ever so gracefully, and not just working steadily alongside partner-in-crime DJ Di'jital, but remixing notable mainstream acts like Pet Shop Boys, Fantina, and Snoop Dogg as his "Snoop Lion" alias, under his UFO Hunterz pseudonym. Will Web is an artist with never-ending creativity, and everlasting longevity; something that his 20+ years of music industry involvement are a testament of.


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