Updated: Nov 2, 2019

X-ile is primarily the product of Marnita Harris, and LaToya Vaughn; produced by Tommy "Tom Tom" Hamilton of Aux 88, and published through Direct Beat during the label's later years. Though short-lived, and with a small discography, the duo (or should we say, "trio") left its mark with a bass-heavy footprint that shook floors all across the globe on various compilations, and as a weapon of choice to any DJ who understood what Detroit Techno Bass was all about.

X-ile's first release was the classic "R U Ready", which at first glance seems to reveal the two female members on the cover, though at a closer look one can find that it is actually Tommy Hamilton wearing a wig, behind his wife Marnita; hence the connection that some may have been unaware of, that Hamilton was behind the actual production of these records. The record also featured 4 different versions of the song, and is still considered one of the real gems from Direct Beat's catalog. X-ile returned once again in 1999, with the fabulous jam "I Wanna", which contained a vocal mix, as well as an instrumental, along with the tracks "Colorblind", and "Fantasee".

Not long after, the label also released the iconic "Private Dancer" on 12" as well, also featuring all of the duo's tracks to date on DJ Di'jital's "Techno Bass 2 - The Prototype Mix", which was released on CD. That same year, "I Wanna" was also featured on AUX 88's "Electro Boogie", on Studio iK7, along with tons of other Detroit artists like Drexciya, Chaos, and even Unknown DJ; who many may not know, is actually a Detroit native, though he made a name for himself as an L.A. producer.

With no material in years, it's safe to assume X-ile is no longer an active project, though their legacy will live on forever, and in some ways through the magic of bands like Aux 88. We also hear Marnita Harris is not only a fantastic mother, wife and companion of one of Detroit's most iconic artists, Tommy "Tom Tom" Hamilton, but also a hell of a dancer! She was featured on one of Aux 88's official videos back in the 90's.


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