XOX Records to Release New Vinyl EP in Memory of Perttu Häkkinen

Perttu Häkkinen was known not only as a journalist, author and producer but also as a deejay and co-founder of the record label Harmönia. Photo: Kaarle Hurtig.

Finnish Electro label X0X Records respects the memory of Perttu Häkkinen with their newest release. In addition to the original track by Laite from 2002, “Fuckfaced Robots” entails remixes dating to 2003 by Mr. Velcro Fastener and Imatran Voima, composed of Häkkinen and Jaakko Kestilä. After the tragic death of Häkkinen last year, it felt even more important than before to finally release the record which had remained unreleased for many years because of unfortunate events and circumstances. After all, Imatran Voima will not produce new remixes anymore.

The tracks are now going to be released as they originally were in 2003, with no alterations whatsoever apart from mastering. The record is a true blast from the past, without sounding dated.

Tracks from the golden days of Finnish Electro

The remix by Imatran Voima is full of raw power and robotic sounds topped with Miami Bass. Mr. Velcro Fastener's vision is characterized by futuristic robot funk reminiscent of their albums “Lucky Bastards Living Up North” and “Otherside”. The original track by Laite continues from where he left off after the first X0X Records release entitled “Pain”, with melodic and vocoder-driven Electro.

Laite – Fuckfaced Robots (X0X010) will be out on August 12th 2019, exactly one year after the death of Perttu Häkkinen. The record will be available on 12” vinyl and all the funds raised with the sales of the record will be directed to the wife and two children of Perttu Häkkinen.

Written by: Kalle Karvanen

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