Zero One Music

Founded by one of the original Detroit Techno Bass pioneers, Will Web, Zero One Music was born in a time when what could be considered as the 3rd wave of Electro Funk, in the form of Electro Bass, came around and this time for good. Launched in 2005, the label became a solid platform for some of the artists who were beginning to take hold during that part of the decade, as well as some who had already been at the top of their game for quite some time. While short-lived in its original state as a vinyl-only label, the label made a remarkable return once again in 2012 during the height of the digital revolution, teaming up with old allies, while making new ones as the label saw itself catapulted to becoming a true powerhouse in the Electro Bass sub-genre of Electro music.

The label began its discography in 2005 with the still classic 12" by Analog To Future called "Extinction Level Event", featuring 4 cuts of punishing yet brooding Electro Bass cuts that also included a collaboration with Trevor Rockwell, and saw Scratch-D and Will Web as Executive Producers. A year later, the label returned with yet another classic 12", this time by long-time Miami Techno Bass veteran Scratch-D of Dynamix II, along with partner Brazen, with "Throwdown"; a single that included 4 different versions featuring an Accapella version, as well as a bonus beats cut. That same year, Zero One returned with their last 12" to date, "The Ghosts In The Machines E.P.", by Ghosts In The Machine, who at the time had begun to climb to what unfortunately became a short-lived pinnacle of success as the group seemingly disbanded some time after.

Unfortunately, as with many labels during that time, vinyl sales began to see a sharp decline, not to mention that as distribution sources began to crumble, along with them went many labels that were not paid; as in the case with Zero One which lost thousands of dollars, leaving Web with no choice but to close down shop, and hope for a better day. Sadly, with the label, also went Web's hope for his own music in the future, and so while he continued to DJ locally, he also began to focus more on his personal life; leaving behind well over a decade of so much influence over Electro music.

Thankfully however, a few years later, and after the founding of the portal; which helped to re-unite not just the splintering Electro Bass and Funk scene, but also many of those who had remembered the '90s, and the hayday of what many preferred liked to still refer to as "Techno Bass music", many artists, especially those in Detroit began to see a calling to come back to the music full force and represent what many of them had helped build. After meeting with Crobot purveyor N-ter, and working on his remix of the song "313 Funk", Web would soon see the calling come knock on his door, and so a spark of interest began in the music once again, and a new phase for Zero One would soon come about.

In 2012, Web and long-time Techno Bass veteran DJ Di'jital would team up, just in time to join the forces of forward-thinking Electro artists who were ready to take it to the next level, with "Zombie Summer E.P.". Vinyl sales or not, the music needed to go forward, and only with strength in the roots of the music, and vision for what it could become could we see something better unfold. Warmly welcomed by the public, Zero One would soon begin to see that better day as new and veteran artists alike began to sign to the label as collaborations only imagined at one point would soon come about.

Having been one of Web's most sought after releases, "Pocket Rocket" would soon hit the shelves along with remixes by international and local talent like GROW, N-ter, Di'jital, Techtonic Plates, as well as a reworking of the song by Mr. Bill himself as Will Web. The release was soon followed by the classic hit "Techno Bass Is Back" by Morphogenetic, featuring a plethora of artists including Maggotron, Dynamix II, DJ Q-Bert, Sbles3plex, DJ XED, Di'jital, and label mastermind Web himself. Both of these releases catapulted the label back into international success, reaching far and wide as the wide range of followers of all these artists began to have all eyes on Zero One.

Since then, the label has also released the very unique "Kosmo Tanssi E.P." by MicroControlUnit featuring Sean Deason, Will Web, Di'jital, InHuman Designed, Artificial Humans, and Gigabots on remix duties, followed by Circuitry Man's "Hi-Tech Biochemical", which also included reworks by Will Web, Di'jital, as well as Peter Green (Machine Codes, Rephlex). The label has also just recently published a fabulous collaboration with Sean Deason's imprint "Matrix Records" called Project X "The Resurrection", and there are talks of many more interesting projects including vinyl in the pipeline, so stay tuned 'cuz Zero One is in the place: It's time to drop some Techno Bass!


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