Zeta Reticula & Helga Neuer - I Am Mensch

German Mechatronica imprint returns with yet another blinding release; this one in particular definitely not for the faint of heart! Prepare yourself for this new EP featuring a collaboration between iconic underground Electro artist UMEK aka Zeta Reticula and Helga Neuer; side project of DJ Bizzy (Damjan Bizilj). 4 cuts of hypnotic mayhem crafted to fill your hearts and minds with dark uncanny productions meant to make your body groove, while giving your brain a proper workout as you try and keep up with the complex productions you'll find here.

Starting off, "I am Mensch" is a pounding tune with deranged arpeggios and haunting pads that welcome you into a place where reverberated percussive elements and out of control synth programming takes over your reality in a mischievous manner. Every step along the way seems to invite you in further as you can't help but almost resist out of the overwhelming suspense of what awaits. But don't worry, as you step through the doors you'll find the party's just begun, as the breaks drop the dark cold bass unto the hard floor and you get down!

Next up, "Lumnisferatu" is a ferocious, intriguing tune full of dark analog sequences and rich majestic pads that allure the mind and send chills down your spine. The beats here are crafted with a bit of an Electrocore feel, while the gleaming melodic stabs that echo across the background sound like evil wind chimes welcoming you into some lonely cemetery filled with the lost souls of once hopeful humans. Fascinating tune!

Changing the feel a bit, "Mimic To Appear" sheds a bit of that intimidating darkness, and gets into deeper, intelligent and highly complex sequencing, accompanied by luminous stabs that bend with a bit of aggressiveness. The vibrant arpeggios that filter in and out decorating the space between complete the dynamics of the song by giving it an illustrious feel and filling in the top end with delightful notes that shower down on your mind as you listen in carefully.

Slowing the tempos down, the beautiful "Cromat" is a jam to cruise to; or fly to as UMEK probably did with this one (he's a pilot too!), as you make your way across the Electric Kingdom's dystopian landscapes. In the background you can almost hear police sirens, as your eyes feast upon the colors and lights all around you. The bassline here is a joy to take in, such a fascinating melody. Reminds me a little bit of Blastromen. Little by little the gentle, enigmatic pads rush in like a calm rising tide, enveloping you in rich analog synth compositions that are subtle, yet highly present and full of character.

An absolute must have but as you'd expect it...you can't have it this time! Already sold out in vinyl form, but digital can still be purchased below through the label's Bandcamp. Anyone lucky enough to have gotten this vinyl is a DJ or collector who now can revel in the wonder of these tunes over and over again. A record to truly make your next DJ set epic, or one that will get you grooving around the house with ease. Highly recommended by Electric Kingdom.

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